SEO Services

SEO Services

We  have developed SEO backlink packages that are strategically designed and proven to help you to build your online business, to generate more leads, sales and traffic.

Unlike other SEO services, we GUARANTEE that at least 2/3 of your keywords will have risen by day 30 of your campaign, for e.g….if you give us 6 keywords, we guarantee at least 4 keywords will be reasonably higher within 30 days of joining us otherwise you’re eligible for a refund. Please note due to the large costs involved with this service the maximum refund we will issue is the first payment made within the first 30 days of ordering.

In addition to this, we also GUARANTEE that at least 1/4 of your keywords will make it to Page 1 of Google by day 90 of your campaign! for e.g….if you give us 8 keywords, we guarantee at least 2 keywords will be on page 1 of Google within 90 days of joining us otherwise we’ll continue your campaign free of charge until this condition is met. We didn’t have to include this guarantee however we wanted to show you how confident we are in our service and ability to rank sites.

*Conditions of Guarantee: All sites are welcome to join us, however to be eligible for our guarantee, your site must be at least 6 months old, have at least 30 pages indexed in Google, have no duplicate content, hasn’t been penalized by Google and doesn’t have a link profile with more than 20% of your links going to any one keyword. Please note that the guaranteed rankings of keywords are rounded down to the nearest 1, for e.g….if you give us 7 keywords, we guarantee at least 4 keywords will be reasonably higher by day 30 and at least 2 keywords will be on page 1 by day 90 of your campaign.

  • You provide us your site URLs and keywords (Up to 4 URLs and 8 keywords)

  • We continually work on your site backlinks to lift your rankings every month

  • You get daily search engine ranking reports emailed to you

  • We guarantee at least one page 1 rankings within 90 days

  • Get started today and see results within a week!

The following SEO packages are available:




Bronze Package  $349 per month Applicable to LOW competition niches
Silver Package  $649 per month Applicable to MODERATE competition niches
Gold Package  $949 per month Applicable to HIGH competition niches
Local SEO Package  $675 one time fee Includes: Google+ setup and/or optimization, 50 Citations, 2 Google News Press Releases

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Who is this service for?
Any body who wants more search engine traffic, no matter where you rank this service will increase your current rankings and continually do so every month.

2) What exactly do I get?
All you do is provide us with your URL(s) and keywords and we do the rest! You can provide us with 4 URLs (all have to be from the same domain) and up to 8 keywords. Then all you have to do is monitor your results and focus on what’s important, running your business and monetizing your traffic! Leave the back-breaking, boring and tedious work of seo to us.

3) Why should I use this seo service over others?
We have a long reputation for delivering results, my team of link builders and writers work nearly every day to give you the best results, not to mention we constantly stay ahead of seo trends and continually adapt our seo strategy. We focus strongly on link profile naturalization, that is making your link profile look natural, something that is very important in modern day seo. In addition to these things, the main 2 advantages our premium seo service offers over others, is we allow you to give us up to 4 URLs & 8 keywords to work on plus we offer a page 1 guarantee! If we can’t get your keywords on page 1 we’ll refund your money, not many people do this!!!

4) What can I expect?
You should start to see your keywords move upwards within 1-2 weeks of ordering and from there you will experience ranking gains every month you remain with us, please note that seo is a random and chaotic process with rankings hardly ever climbing in a linear fashion each and every week, so some weeks your rankings may go sideways, some weeks you may fall a few spots, other weeks you may experience significant rises, we recommend you view results on a month to month basis. SEO is a long term strategy with no overnight miracles, so if you’re going to email us saying “why haven’t my rankings gone up this week, you must be a scam” then please don’t join. You need to have realistic expectations of what seo is.

5) What keywords should I choose?
This is entirely up to you, all we ask is that they’re closely related to the page(s) you’re targeting, this will help greatly with your rankings. You can give us up to 8 keywords to build links with, the fewer keywords you give us the better each keyword will perform, so if you have some competitive keywords you may only want to provide us with 2-4 keywords. We’ll only build a maximum 25% of our links using your money keywords, the rest will be using variations of your raw URL, brand name, non-commercial LSI and generic anchor text. We’ve created our own random anchor text generator to spit out over 1000 different anchor text to use with each campaign, so you’ll get plenty of natural variation in your link profile which is very important now days after penguin 2.0, the majority of your links need to be using non-commercial anchor text to prevent any over optimization issues.

6) Will all the backlinks show up in my backlink tracking software?
Post panda/penguin backlinks can take months to show up and even then no software will show all your backlinks, none the less you will see some of our links show up within 30 days of ordering.

7) Are all sites allowed?
We don’t accept sites that contain porn, hate or illegal based content/services, any other site including foreign sites are allowed in, this service will increase your rankings locally and abroad.

8) Can you look at my site before joining?
Yes! Please add contact us. and we’ll take a look at your site/keywords and give you some specific recommendations.