Digital Marketing Services

Marketing list scoring

OUR MOST POPULAR SERVICE! Marketing to people who are less likely to respond costs you time and money.  We solve that problem by using our proprietary Searchnology Score ™ to append every record in your email/postal marketing list (must include 5 digit zip codes) with a predictive rank number that will allow you to segment your list into equal tenths.  Just market to those with rank “1” for the highest response rates or exclude those with rank “10” (who are the predicted lowest respondents) to save on marketing resources.  You can even market to your entire list first to test if our proprietary scoring method works.  It does!.

Digital Marketing Consulting

A local business’s #1 source for new customers is from search engines because they are already looking for what you offer. has a 90% market share among search engines so we use Google’s own tools to get your local business listed in the top 3 (3-pack) listings for your product/service’s search results.  Research shows that 68% of consumers prefer the 3-pack listing over paid ads or even organic search results. This is a highly competitive service so we only accept one client per product/service category to ensure the best results and to also prevent any conflicts of interest.s.